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The Temazcal

has been a special part of Pre-Columbian culture in Mexico

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Mazatlán Ecotours

Ecoturism in maatlan

Mazatlán has a variety of Ecotours for those who like the adventure, the outdoors and to be in conctact with nature.

Swimming and observing dolphins

Experienced biologists will guide the expedition where you can lean about dolphins, watch them in their environment and also swim with them. The crew takes photographs of the natural markings of the dolphins dorsal fins for identification and also deploy hydrophones to record whistles. The dolphins are wild: once you get in the water, sometimes they are curious and seek interaction, others not so much. You can also find other species like turtles, manta rays, other fish, sea lions and hundreds of coastal birds. You can take amazing photographs.

Whale watching

Whale watching is one of the best adventures you can find in Mazatlán. Marine biologists will guide you out sea and share all their knowledge and information about whales. During the encounter, you may observe whales spouting while cruising along or powerfully breaching and tail slapping while playing or fighting. If lucky enough, you may find females nursing their calves or maybe listening to their intriguing songs performed by males as part of the courtship ritual.

ONCA Exploraciones is the pioneer whale watching company in Mazatlán and is the first authorized by the federal government.

Marine Safari

The Isla Clarión is a boat built in 1953 for charters and sport fishing in Long Beach, California. Now has found a new life in Mazatlán for the enjoyement of all locals and tourists in search for adventures at sea.

The Isla Clarion is a beautiful, comfortable and safe platform for all the family to enjoy amazing encounters with sea life as well as the splendor of the Bay of Mazatlán and its majestic islands.

During the 3.5 hr journey cruising the coast of Mazatlán, the crew will provide interesting facts about local marine environment and culture. While documenting sightings, the crew gathers scientific data for on-going research projects for their protection, conservation and management.

Meseta de Cacaxtla

The Meseta de Cacaxtla is a natural community located in the northern part of Mazatlán. The communities are La Chicayota, El Pozole and Barras de Piaxtla.

The 125,000 acre protected area is the largest nature reserve in the state of Sinaloa and one of the largest in México. There are a wide range of ecosystems that co-exist: forest, jungle, reefs, wetlands and islands that offers endless possibilities for responsible recreation and sightseeing that respects the highest standards of conservation.

The reserve is home to a very wide range of animals too: several hundreds of types of birds, nearly sixty species of reptiles, and over twenty species of amphibians, deer, wild boar and jaguars.

Barras de Piaxtla is a fishing village located at the northwest corner of the Meseta, south of the town of Dimas. This village has lovely beaches and huge swarms of pelicans and other native and migratory birds. It is a very old town and was used as a port by mining companies. The coastline has fine sandy beaches and has an spectacular natural arch called “La Ventana”.

Just a couple of miles south are located Las Labradas, the petroglyph archeological site. There is a boutique hotel and spa in Barras de Piaxtla and there are different tours around the Meseta.

You can star in Mazatlán in a hotel, buy a house, rent a house or get a condominium for rent too. There are all kinds of choices and prizes. International and real estate local offices can help you. Then you can drive up north to stay or take a tour in the Meseta, or take the other eco-tours on the ocean.

Ecotourism: The Temazcal Experience

temazcal spa

The Temazcal has been a special part of Pre-Columbian culture in Mexico for over 1200 years.  It originated in the Mayan culture, in Mazatlan this unique sweat lodge was made popular by the natives, who probably learned from the Mexico city valley civilizations.

The natives would use Temazcal for purification after physical exertion like battle or a ball game.  It was also widely used for healing the sick and for women to give birth due to its special healing powers. The practice of inducing sweat has long been known to be beneficial in sicknesses of the skin, liver and circulation. In problems of rheumatism, arthritis, gout and other chronic diseases, as well as acute problems lime muscular pains, colds and congestions. The Temazcal because of its special methods, is perhaps the most effective of this kind of curative technique, certainly the list of conditions for which it has been used in the course of centuries.

The Temazcal is usually constructed from volcanic rock and cement and is usually a circular dome, although rectangular ones have been found at certain archeological sites and this shape is also used. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated. Volcanic stones are safe because they do not explode from the temperature. They are then placed in a pit located in the center or near a wall.

Today, Temazcal is still widely used among the native Mexican cultures, you will see at least one in nearly every Indian village.  In Mazatlán, now you can experience it too. This ancestral detoxifying bath takes place in a volcanic rock pre-Hispanic cave where water is poured over hot rocks until it´s hot and steamy. This helps you to clean you whole being in a physical, emotional way, as well as to clear your mind. It relaxes the nervous system, actives the immune system, stimulates the circulatory system and destresses the mind, which improves overall health.

The Temazcalero will guide you every step of the way, how to apply the special mud for exfoliation, prepare everything for your steam bath, meditation exercises that relax your mind and free your soul.  This is an experience like no other.

  • It takes a while to get used to the intense heat but after a few minutes, it becomes incredibly soothing.
  • There are different tour guides to take a Temazcal that includes:
  • Round-Trip Transportation
  • English Speaking Tour Guides
  • Temazcal Spa Experience with Temazcalero
  • Some of them also includes:
  • Hot-Cooked Mexican Lunch
  • And a tequila factory where you can learn about and taste this special liquor.

The Duration is about 4.5 Hours approximately. The advise is to bring sunscreen, a towel, swimsuit and a camera.

It is easy to find a house in Mazatlán or if you prefer to invest, there are a wide variety of hotels, time sharing and condominiums for sale. You can rent a condo too with an spectacular ocean view and then take tours to the different Temazcales in the city and in small towns near Mazatlán.

It is a great and healing experience.

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